The Supreme Court today ruled that employment tribunal fees introduced by the government in 2013, are unlawful.

Commenting on the development Robert Nicholls, Director of BTE at Abbey Legal said:

“Employees now have access to justice and barriers to bringing claims have been removed. Consequently we expect to receive claims and an uplift to levels prior to July 2013. We expect this dynamic will happen quickly and have already seen evidence of Tribunals waiving fees.

The importance of managing employees and taking qualified legal advice again becomes fundamental to managing risk and exposure.

In the interim period when ET fees were introduced we have seen claims values increase. In 2013 the average unfair dismissal award was £11,813, two years later the average was £13,851, an increase of 17%.  In part, this is because lower value contract claims reduced, but also because multi-jurisdictional claims where harassment or discrimination were added to claimants claims.

For employers, managing employees fairly and appropriately has never been more in the public spotlight. We have witnessed recent high profile equal pay issues in the media over the last week and now employers face added exposure to employment tribunals with the barriers to claims removed.

By having access to a legal expenses product which comes with advice provided by the largest team of employment lawyers in the UK and protection from the legal expenses cover when the ET1 papers are received, employers can be reassured they are protected, saving £000’s in legal fees and awards, but also saving expensive management time required to deal with the claims.”

Click here to read the blog post by our Employment Law specialist at LHS Solicitors, Raphael Prais.

You can also download the Employment Tribunal factsheet from LHS Solicitors here.

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