A company and its director have been fined after a worker fell from height and broke his back in three places.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation determined that the company failed to take adequate precautions to prevent workers falling from height. The report stressed that there was no edge protection, under-roof netting or boarding provided on site. The company instead relied on an ineffective use of harnesses. 

The HSE found that unsafe working had been taking place before the accident and continued afterwards. They determined that the failure mentioned above was down to the neglect of the director. ​​

The company, Eco NRG Solutions Ltd and its director, Jon Luke Antoniou admitted to breaching Health and Safety laws. The company was fined £115,000 and ordered to pay costs of £2879.60 and the director was fined £5000 and ordered to pay costs of £1957.40.

If you have access to the legal helpline and want to discuss your specific circumstances with a qualified solicitor or barrister, please get in touch with them. 

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